Lost and Found

Information Provided By Toronto Animal Services

Losing your pet is a very traumatic experience. It’s important to stay calm so that you can search for your pet and hopefully be reunited. There are a number of steps you should take as soon as your pet goes missing. If your pet is not immediately found, repeat these steps again.

Don’t give up searching for you pet too early!

What to do:

Task Details
Where to search Search around your home and neigbourhood, including asking your friends and neighbours if they’ve seen your pet.
Who to contact Contact 416-338-PAWS (7297) to file a Lost Animal Report. Be prepared to provide a description of your pet, licence number and tattoo or microchip number if applicable.
Lost pets photos View photos of lost pets online.
List of lost pets View a list of lost pets found within the last five days, which will include where they were found and which shelter they are at now.
Where to go Visit our shelter locations in person, as well as local veterinary clinics and Humane Society locations, such as the Toronto Humane Society. Only you can identify your missing pet.
Deceased animals View a list of deceased animals received in the last month.  This will also tell you where animals were found and where they are located now.
Posters & flyers Put up posters and flyers in your neighborhood, veterinarian offices, animal shelters, supermarkets, libraries and other bulletin boards in your community.
Pet registration Register your pet with Helping Lost Pets to widen your search to across North America.

About Helping Lost Pets

Helping Lost Pets is a system to help return lost pets back home. The site lists lost and found reports posted within your community and across North America. You can see a map of your area and attach a photo to a Lost or Found report to help find your pet.

Helping Lost Pets allows you to:

  • Upload a photo of your pet
  • Search stray animals in our shelters and in the community
  • Post free Lost and Found reports
  • Print free Lost and Found posters
  • Receive emails of potential pet matches
  • Easily update your profile and provide care instructions for your pet
  • Connect with members to help search for missing pets

Even if you have not lost your pets, you can also register them to be ready just in case they ever go missing.

Once your pet has been found

  • Alert Toronto Animal Services.by contacting 416-338-PAWS (7297)
  • Update your Helping Lost Pets posting
  • Remove all flyers you have posted
  • If you find a lost dog or cat wearing a City of Toronto tag, contact 311. If the animal does not have any identification tags, bring it to one of the Toronto Animal Services shelters


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