Q: Where do your animals come from?
A: The majority of our animals are surrendered by their owners who can no longer care for them.

Q: Are you affiliated with Toronto Animal Services or Toronto Humane Society?
A: No, we are not affiliated. We are an independent, all volunteer run shelter run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Q: How do I report animal cruelty or neglect?
A: You should contact the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at www.ontariospca.ca.

Q: Do you euthanize animals?
A: EHS is a no kill shelter. Our policy is to provide shelter for cats and dogs in need of a forever home. We only euthanize in the rare instances a vet determines the animal has a poor quality of life and is suffering as a result.

Q: Do you receive government funding?
A: No, EHS does not receive government funding. We operate solely on donations from members of the community. To donate, visit our donation page.

Q: How do you operate without any paid positions?
A: EHS has been all volunteer run for over 25 years. Our volunteers are dedicated animal lovers who are committed to our cause and are the reason we are able to direct all funds into the shelter and not salaries. If you are interested in joining our team, visit our volunteer page.


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