Create a Special Home for a Dog in Need

Our Special Dogs are loving, affectionate animals and yet they have struggled to find their forever home. There is usually something about them that gives the average adopter pause – like a behaviourial quirk or a medical issue.  Could you be the right person/family for them? 

These dogs generally had rough start in life.  Sometimes they will only thrive in specific environments or may need their current training to be reinforced in their new homes.  Sometimes, they need several visits to get comfortable with a potential adopter and to “show off” their best qualities.   Some of them have been in our care for a long time, working to improve themselves and waiting for that special person to fall in love with them.

We know these dogs – both their wonderful qualities and their challenges.  We would love to talk to you about welcoming one of them into your home – either as an adopter or as a long term foster.  We will share everything we know about the dog and work with you and the dog to explore whether we have a match.

Dogs Needing Homes

Meet our Special Dogs!  They are keen to meet you and show you how much love they have to give.  We have invested in these dogs because we believe that with the right adopters they can become happy family dogs.  We hope that you have room in your heart to welcome one  into your home. Click on their pictures below to discover our special dogs and fill out our quick form if you would like to learn more about one of these dogs. They are waiting for you!



A Special Needs Dog Lola

Caring for a Special Dog

Our Special Dogs are not for first time dog owners.  They need someone who has experience with dogs, and who is prepared to invest time and energy in both helping them settle into a new home and providing the structure that they need.  Where appropriate, our trainers will work with you to make the transition successful.

Each Special Dog has his or her own care requirements, which we will discuss with you.  For dogs with medical requirements, there could be special diets, medications, and regular vet visits.  For dogs with behaviour issues, you may need to avoid situations that trigger strong reactions in the dog and learn how to manage these situations.

Benefits of Having a Special Dog in Your Life

These dogs have so much love to give.  Once the dog has successfully transitioned to your home, you will not only be rewarded with love and devotion, but  you will know that you have truly “rescued” a wonderful dog.

Our Special Success Stories

Bubbles – Adopted

A Special Needs Dog - Bubbles

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