Palliative Care

Written by Becca Gordon

We rescue or receive animals of all ages and from all backgrounds. Some animals require more care than most. We always go above and beyond to ensure the health and well-being of our cats and dogs.

You may recall Minerva, a tiny malnourished three pound adult cat discarded by her owner after she didn’t breed. She had a heart defect that required major heart surgery by a board certified specialist.



Perhaps you remember Eclair, who was rescued from a kill shelter, but was discovered to have severe jaundice and end-stage kidney failure, and required a feeding tube.



Or maybe you remember Gracie, who was rescued from the streets with her kittens, and found to have a BB pellet embedded in her uterus, creating a hernia so large that one of her kidneys pushed through the surface, becoming a necrotic lump on her side.

Gracie doing well post-surgery


Volunteers, vets, and donors all rallied behind these fighters and many more like them. They made miraculous recoveries and have since moved onto their forever homes.

Sadly, we cannot always fix what is wrong. For some, they are too far gone by the time they arrive in our care, years of neglect taking their irreversible toll. The medical conditions of these special animals are such that nothing can be done but to make them comfortable for the time they have remaining. These are the “unadoptable” or palliative cases, the animals who don’t show up on our website but are always present in our hearts as we work closely with vets and fosters to give them the best quality of life possible.

Over the next few weeks Etobicoke Humane Society will share with you the stories of animals in our care that will remain with us until the end. Each of these precious souls came to us either from a kill-shelter, international rescue or were surrendered by their owner. Each one of them has a story, and each one of them matters.

Palliative Care Stories:

Gia – July 6/2018
Winnie – July 10/2018
Jewel – July 25/2018

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