Palliative Care: Jewel

Written by Becca Gordon

Jewel was abandoned in Romania, apparently surrendered by a family. She was emaciated, and severely neglected. Happily for her a rescue took her under their wing and secured a place for her with EHS. It is hard to imagine her traveling all this way knowing what we now know. She was clearly a survivor and determined to see happiness before leaving this life.

Jewel in Romania

Jewel arrived to us a year ago and it was quickly discovered she was in congestive heart failure due to a congenital heart defect. Due to this defect her heart didn’t pump properly. Fluids then built up in her abdomen which resulted in frequent trips to the vet to have her drained. This condition was managed with medication but could not be corrected.

In her short 3-years Jewel had suffered more than her fair share of pain. EHS knows very well the pain of congestive heart failure. Known as the silent killer symptoms often go undetected until it is too late.

We did our best to give her the life she deserved. This sweet, gentle and loving girl won the heart of all who met her. Although she was young she wasn’t very playful but she was incredibly smart and loved the snuffle mat or puzzle toys. Although not the traditional size of a “lap dog” she was definitely one in spirit. She loved to cuddle and be close to her human.


In the end she was happy but slowly her energy decreased and her breathing became laboured, especially with the fluid buildup. She was very much loved by all volunteers who met her and by her wonderful foster parents who gave her the quiet, comfortable life she deserved.

Although the end was not unexpected, we did not think it would be this soon. Jewel passed this week, crossing over the rainbow bridge. In her short life she knew love, she knew cuddles, belly rubs, lazy Sundays, treats and so much more. Her life meant something and she has left her mark on all our hearts.


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