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I got into fostering cats and kittens after I first adopted two sisters from a local shelter. I went in and saw two small kittens and I was interested in knowing more about where they had been raised. This is where I learned that cats with kittens or expecting kittens or even orphaned kittens go to “foster homes”.

After my own cats, had passed, I approached the local shelter and offered to become a “foster parent”.

They interviewed me and made sure I had the space and time to look after their animals. I decided to try it out and my first foster was a pregnant cat, ready to give birth. I hadn’t done that since my own childhood so I wasn’t too sure, but sure enough if she had a safe, quiet place to give birth, she basically did the rest. She had the most beautiful five kittens ever. They were a lot of work, the cleaning and the smell, but play time was our treat with the kittens. Me and my family were very involved in the socialization of the kittens and when I returned them back to the shelter there was a line up of people who wanted one of them, so they never spent one day in the shelter. I was proud that I had done a good job, they were perfect kittens and a healthy mom.

From that day, on for almost 10 years, fostered all kinds of cats and kittens in need, some times they were sick and needed medicine which was always supplied and a vet visit never far away. All shelters and their volunteers make sure both foster parents and their fosters are well supported. They were always there to answer my questions and to discuss behavioural issues with me and gave me guidance.

I have found the experience of fostering to be so rewarding, you feel like you have made a difference in an animal’s life, and giving it a temporary home to rest, grow or recover.

People often ask me, “Don’t you fall in love with them and isn’t it hard to give them back?”

I respond, “Yes I do love them, but my job is done, and I’m proud to give them up.”

Over the years there have been special animals that stick out and those have now become great memories for me and my family. I still have a collection of pictures from every foster experience.

I mean I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, it is not just playing with kittens, it is being patient and responsible, and sharing your home and life with them. It also takes time, for vet visits and shelter pick ups.

It definitely takes a lot of volunteers and labour, but for me it has become a labour of love.

By Cathy

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