Home For The Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Every animal in need deserves a Home For The Holidays.

This holiday season, help ensure that homeless animals in our community receive the love and care they deserve by donating to the Etobicoke Humane Society; a 100% volunteer run, 100% donation based no-kill shelter. Thanks to your generosity in 2016, we found forever homes for 76 dogs and 234 cats.

Tuna was rescued from a warehouse in 2015. Months after adoption, his
owner wanted to give him back. As we made arrangements to take him into
our care, we were informed that his owners had given him away over the
internet. Recently, we were contacted by a woman who had trapped a stray
cat; alone and starving outside. Our Tuna had come back to us. This past
October, Tuna was adopted and finally went to his true forever home.

Our lovebirds, Royal and Regal, were found living in a construction site.
Soon after they arrived at EHS, it became obvious that separating this loving
couple wasn’t an option. Royal refused to eat without Regal by his side. These
two have been with us for over a year now and are waiting patiently to find
a forever home where they can be together.


Please give and make a difference in the life of a cat or dog in need by visiting Canada Helps or fill in the donation form below.

Thank you for your support.


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