Every Scratch Tells A Story


A young kid stopped by the shelter on the weekend looking for a cat to adopt. He said Wylie’s face scared him.

Us too.

Wylie’s face scares us because it represents all the hardships he’s had to endure. The scars on his nose, the oddly permanent lip curl, the torn ear.

We cannot imagine what he’s battled in his seven years. No matter what he’s come up against he’s clearly a survivor.

We’re scared for the animals dumped, neglected and discarded. Some aren’t as lucky as Wylie. Some don’t come through it as well as he has, or at all.

Someone suggested we use  a less “tough” looking picture of Wylie. We happen to think he’s a handsome guy. His face has character.

Wylie also happens to be a pretty awesome cat. He’s relaxed, affectionate, playful and gentle.

No matter what anyone says about his face his heart is gold. Don’t judge a cat by his scratches or scars.

For details about adopting Wylie or any of the animals in our care visit http://etobicokehumanesociety.com/adoption-process/

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