Common Questions About The Adoption Process


Are you considering adopting an animal at Etobicoke Humane Society? Have you visited this site several times and felt a tug on your heartstrings when looking at one of our cats or dogs? Have you stopped by our location on Six Point Road and wanted to leave with a new family member that very moment? If this sounds like you, chances are you have some questions about the process.

Why does it cost more to adopt an animal from EHS than at Toronto Humane Society?

What is a “home visit”?

Why can’t I just come in and pick up an animal, don’t they all need homes?

These are all questions we hear often. In the hopes of encouraging you to take home one of our adorable animals we’d like to clear the air on these topics with some additional information about our adoption process:

Adoption Fees

Before breaking down the cost for adopting one of our animals, it’s important that you know Etobicoke Humane Society is operated 100% by volunteers and donations. We don’t receive government funding like other Toronto shelters and we don’t have paid employees – even our board is comprised of volunteers. For that reason, our fees are a bit higher but you can also be sure that every person who has come into contact with your new family member along their journey at EHS has loved your new pet and is so committed to caring for him or her, that they do it for free!

Cats – $200

Included prior to adoption:

  • Food, litter and care for the duration of your new cat’s stay at EHS

  • Spay or neuter

  • Microchip

  • Up-to-date vaccines

  • SNAP-tested for FIV/FeLV

  • Dewormed

  • Flea-treated prior to adoption

Kittens are not spayed or neutered until 6 months of age, but the cost of the spay or neuter is covered as part of the adoption.

Dogs – $400

Included prior to adoption:

  • Food, and care for the duration of your new dog’s stay at EHS

  • Spay or neuter

  • Microchip

  • Up-to-date vaccines

  • Dewormed

  • Flea-treated prior to adoption

When you adopt from EHS, your fees offset the cost of housing and caring for not only your new pet during his or her time at the shelter, but also help us continue to care of future animals in need.

What is a home visit? (dogs only)

It’s important to keep in mind that everything we do at EHS is for the benefit of our animals and home visits are no exception. A dog behaves differently in a home as opposed to at our shelter. Their true personality is more open in a home and that helps to determine if it’s a good match or not. It’s also an opportunity to meet other family members as well as any pets in the home, and to see how everyone reacts to the presence of a dog. For example, we’ve been on home visits where one or two members of the family don’t come out to meet the dog.

The coordinators will also take a look around and ensure that any issues with the home space that might affect the dog can be addressed. For example, garbage that’s easily accessible for a dog can be a problem.

Some common misconceptions about house visits are that we visit to see how well the house is kept or if it’s a small or big house, or if there is a yard. None of these are a concern at the time of the home visit.

Adoption Interview

When you come into EHS looking to adopt a pet, we are so excited that you want to take home one of our beloved furry friends but it’s very important to us that we find the right match. We spend lots of time with each of our animals so we can make sure that we know their personality and behaviour inside and out. This helps us figure out if we have the right pet for you, but also the other way around.

The questions we ask may seem to be detailed and in depth but at the end of the day, our commitment is to our animals and while we want them all to find a home, we also want it to be the very right home.

Spotlight on some very adoptable pets at EHS


Hi there – my name is Rightie. I am a handsome, 6 year old FIV+ neutered male who was rescued from the streets by an EHS volunteer as part of a trap, neuter, release effort. However, I was so happy to be safe and warm and have regular mealtimes that I didn’t even try to escape. Since arriving at the shelter last November, I have been gradually learning to trust people and just recently began discovering how to play with toys and enjoy being pet.

Having struggled to survive on the streets my whole life, I never had time for such luxuries! At night, when the shelter is quiet, I like to lounge at the front of my kennel, checking out my feline neighbours and observing their movements. I have many special qualities, but perhaps one of my most distinctive is my gentle soul. Even when I was terrified of people, I never lashed out at anyone.

I love other cats. Being around other cats makes me perk right up and gives me a sense of comfort. Due to my FIV+ status it is best I go to a home that has a cat-friendly FIV+ cat. This will help me adjust much better and will give me the confidence I need to come out of my shell even more. This would be an ideal situation but alas I fear may not be the case, either way I need gentle understanding people who live a calm, quiet life.

Sadly, because I am quiet and still a bit timid, I have been overlooked by visitors time and time again. As the other cats come and go at the shelter, I am patiently waiting my turn to find a forever home, hoping one day to know what it means to be loved by a family of my own. I am looking for someone who understands they need to move slowly, and that trust takes time to build. If you are interested in learning more about me, please email, visit me at the shelter, or fill out an online cat adoption form at


We are currently accepting on-line applications for Brandy. We recommend you visit her prior to submitting an application as this is the first step in the process. Visiting hours are from 10:30-11:30 and 1:30-4:30 daily, or by appointment after hours.

Brandy is a lovely 5 year old gal who is originally from Venezuela. She is sweet and gentle but can get attached and a little protective of her human. She needs some boundaries and a home that is comfortable with her size.

Generally she is a chilled out dog that likes to relax, but of course will need good walks and exercise. She will also need a home that has the space for her to move around, and one that also has experience with large dogs.

She is not fond of other dogs so a home with spaces that are shared with neighbors won’t work for her – definitely no other animals in the home. Brandy also won’t be suitable for a home with children under 12. She has had allergies in the past but it has been clearing up, otherwise she is healthy, spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.

For more information regarding the EHS adoption process please visit our website or email if you have any questions.

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