4 Tips To Prevent Matting In Dogs

Close up of hands of man combing hair of dog at home


Matting in dogs is more common than you think, and a lot of people don’t realize the significant impact it can have on your furry friend. If dogs are not properly groomed on a regular basis, matting can occur which prevents moisture and oxygen from getting to the skin, weakening it, thus increasing the risk of certain diseases. Here are 4 tips to prevent matting in dogs:


  1. Groom regularly

Brush your dog daily to remove tangles. Other debris such as dirt or burrs can create perfect spots for mats to form


  1. Brush completely

Don’t just brush the surface, make sure you get down to the skin as well as other hidden spots such as behind the elbows and legs


  1. Treat itchy skin

If your dog is scratching or chewing often because of itchy skin, it can create tangles and mats in the hair


  1. Clip or trim

If you notice small mats forming, you can remove them with clippers


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