URGENT: Foster Homes Needed

Written by Becca Gordon

EHS is urgently in need of both short term foster homes for adult cats (2-3 weeks) and longer term foster homes for families of moms and kittens (4-6 weeks) to keep up with the increasing demand on our intake.  All cats are vet checked, snap tested, vaccinated (unless sick), dewormed, and flea treated (unless not safe for nursing kittens).

We provide all supplies and cover all vet expenses at our partner vet clinics. All you need is a spare room in your home to keep the foster cat/kittens separated from your own pets, and access to a vehicle to transport the cat to and from our vets located in Etobicoke.


This urgency is driven by a number of factors

1) Many of our regular foster parents go on vacation during the summer

2) July 1st is “Moving Day” in Quebec. It’s the day that over 80% of residential leases expire, and during the process of moving, thousands of animals are abandoned every year. Unlike Ontario, Quebec does not have protections for pet owners in their residential tenancies legislation, so many people end up giving up their pets when moving into a new building this time of year, and they end up in overcrowded kill shelters that euthanize cats and kittens due to lack of space



3) We are in the heart of kitten season, and are now receiving requests to take in litters of kittens, or families of mom and nursing kittens nearly every other day


4) With kitten season being in full swing, and the tremendous need in Quebec right now, local municipal kill shelters are also facing pressures, as rescues are at capacity and not able to save as many. Putting a face on these needs, here are profiles of three local cats who we’ve been approached to take in as their time is running out. They are just a snapshot of the cats we are asked to rescue on a daily basis. However, without foster homes, we cannot save them.


So if you’ve ever thought about fostering, but weren’t sure, or just never got around to it, now is the time to act because you will literally be helping to save lives. Please don’t wait.

Apply online at https://etobicokehumanesociety.com/foster/

Or email our cat foster manager at cat.foster.manager@etobicokehumanesociety.com if you have any questions.

If you cannot foster, please talk to your friends, family, and co-workers if they might be interested, or think about joining our team as a foster coordinator (email above for more info about that role).

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