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Photo cred: Anastassia Pronsky
Instagram: @anastassiabnphotography
Hashtag: #bnphotographyTO

Jax came into the shelter as Mike a rescue from Quebec. Although a very lovable guy, Jax had unwanted behaviours that many applicants didn’t want in a dog. Many either withdrew their applications or declined adopting him after having him in their home during the home visits. It took 3 months, 18 applications and 5 home visits before Mike found the perfect family for him and was finally adopted in August 2016.

His forever family recently brought him by the shelter for a visit and continues to send us updates on his progress. Here is their most recent message on Jax’ progress.

“Jax started obedience school a couple of weeks ago and is doing very well so far! He’s breezing through the beginner level thus far as we had many basic commands down and once he’s done in the new year we are going to enroll him in the intermediate level training.

His mouthing has improved greatly as well to the point where his teeth just barely graze our skin now when he needs something and more often we find he vocalizes that he wants something. We’ve also discovered he LOVES Kong Wubbas…like LOVES lol.”

This is another fabulous example of how EHS doesn’t give up. Our volunteers will tirelessly work with the dogs and cats in our care to improve their lives. We help socialize the animals. We work on training and provide a safe and healthy environment until the right family comes along. Prime examples of this are Precious and Coco who were surrendered at 8 years old and are bonded female cats. After four years these sweet girls found their forever home. We won’t give up on these animals and we hope you won’t either. Please continue to support EHS by donating or volunteering and always remember Adopt don’t Shop.


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