5 Tips For Keeping Dogs Cool This Summer

  Enjoying the outdoors with your dog is one of the best summer activities. But as record-breaking temperatures are on the rise, it is extremely important to make sure your furry friends are staying cool and healthy. Here are 5 tips to help your dogs beat the heat. Never leave them in a parked car Even with the windows down […]

4 Reasons To Consider Animal Fostering

  Foster parents are essential to every animal shelter and a great way for animal lovers to help rescue animals, but are unable to make a long-term commitment. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider becoming a foster parent: Increase chance for adoption Not only can you help spread the word, but having animals live in your home gives […]

4 Tips To Prevent Matting In Dogs

  Matting in dogs is more common than you think, and a lot of people don’t realize the significant impact it can have on your furry friend. If dogs are not properly groomed on a regular basis, matting can occur which prevents moisture and oxygen from getting to the skin, weakening it, thus increasing the risk of certain diseases. Here […]

3 Benefits of Spaying/Neutering your Pets

Overpopulation of cats and dogs is becoming a big problem not just in North America, but around the world. When abandoned or left alone to roam, reproduction is inevitable. According to the Ontario SPCA, “Thousands of healthy cats and dogs are euthanized annually due to the number of stray, abandoned, and unwanted companion animals. Here are three benefits of spaying […]

We are excited you are considering adoption! As it provides cats and dogs in shelters a second chance at a happy home. Before you begin, make sure you are ready to care and provide for your future animal. Here are five questions to ask yourself before starting the adoption process. Am I ready to make a long-term commitment? The average […]

Top 5 Tips For Cat Grooming

  It is important to brush your cat’s entire body, but this is not always easy especially in those tricky spots behind the arms and under the back legs. For cats that don’t like to be brushed, splitting it up into different sections each day will help you get better results. Although this might take longer, it will be easier […]

Dog Illness

Similarly to what happens to humans, dogs’ health changes as they age. Sadly, time passes faster for our pet friends then it does for us. Nevertheless, no matter how old your dog is, you have an essential part in helping prevent sickness and maintaining a good health for as long as possible. Don’t forget  your dog can’t let you know […]

Introducing Dogs And Cats

  If you own a dog or a cat and are thinking to add a cat or a dog, respectively, to the family, you should give some thought to their first encounter. Allowing a loose cat and an unrestrained dog to have their first meeting in an open room, you are most probably set for failure. You should carefully plan […]

Are you thinking of embarking on a road trip for a memorable summer vacation with your doggy companion? Before gearing up and get going, here are five tips that will make sure you will both stay safe and enjoy your experience to the maximum degree. Notify your vet If you haven’t taken your dog to your vet for some time, […]

Tending to your dog’s teeth is a commonly disregarded, although serious aspect of your dog’s general health. Having toothaches or inflamed gums may be a source of stress and pain for your dog that can easily evade your attention. Without proper treatment, bacteria can enter through the teeth and pass in the bloodstream, affecting internal organs such as the liver, […]

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