Call for Volunteers!

Cat Foster Coordinator

We are looking to add to our cat volunteer team.

Cat Foster Coordinator
Hours: flexible, 2-4 hours per week

  1. provide ongoing assistance, coaching and moral support to foster families
  2. engage with foster families on availability, medical needs, and ongoing care of foster  animals in their care
  3. recruit new foster caregivers as needed
  4. coordinate pick up and transfer of animals between partner veterinarians and foster families
  5. make recommendations/decisions on placement of foster animals
  6. attending foster team meetings e.g. monthly

Please email Roma at if you’re interested in the Cat Foster Coordinator position.

Cat Surrender Coordinator
Vehicle required
Hours: flexible, but on average about 2-4 hours a week

  1. respond to and evaluate submitted surrender applications, emails, and messages – contact owners, gather as much information about the cat as possible, obtain pictures and vet records where available, explain surrender process, manage expectations
  2. email weekly list of surrender applications including detailed description of each cat and circumstance, and recommend intake of cats ranked in priority sequence
  3. for cats that are not approved, inform owners and provide names and contacts of other rescues or organizations that might be able to take their cat in
  4. for cats that are approved, confirm the terms of surrender, schedule a visit at our vet to meet with owner and cat, attend vet visit (snap test, vaccines), communicate extraordinary medical or dental issues at visit, accept payment of surrender fee
  5. after vet visit, transport cats to EHS or arrange short term fosters, set up enclosure (food, water, litter), write description of cat and feeding schedule on information sheet
    enter new cats into PetPoint, prepare adoption packages, enter files into google spreadsheet, prepare white sheets and yellow sheets for any meds if needed
  6. attend cat coordinator meetings once every 2-3 months (on a weekend)

Please email Aris at if you’re interested in the Cat Surrender Coordinator position.


*Training for both positions will be provided, and will take place on weekends. Training may be 1-3 days on weekends, depending on the position.

Please remember that our ability to rescue cats is directly limited by the number of adoption and surrender coordinators we have.  If we do not receive help, we will not be able to maximize our capacity to help as many animals as we can.  You can literally help save lives by joining our team!

Thank you.

Please share.

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