2 Year Old Male Shepherd Cross

Meet Biscuit!  Biscuit is an energetic and active 2 year old male Shepherd cross. Biscuit loves his outdoor time, including long active walks and chills out when he is indoors.  Biscuit is fearful around strangers but with people he knows well he is affectionate and loving.  Because of this, introductions to new people need to be properly managed to ensure his success.  Once bonded with you, he will be a loyal and affectionate companion.  He is good with most well behaved dogs.

Who is Biscuit’s perfect adopter?

Biscuit’s perfect home is quiet, active and has no children. 

We think that Biscuit will thrive in a home that can give him a quiet, stable environment.  He would do best in home that does not have a lot of visitors and/or has a place he can go to avoid the visitors if he is overwhelmed.  He cannot go to a home with children as they terrify him (a reminder of a previous life).  If children visit, Biscuit would need to be provided with a place he can retreat to and feel safe.  He would love a fully fenced yard in a quiet neighbourhood and will get most joy from long walks in quiet neighbourhoods or parks, including hikes.  Biscuit would also benefit from dog owners experienced in managing dogs with behaviourial quirks and who are prepared to work with him to help him reach his full potential. 

To make Biscuit’s transition successful, the training facility has offered to provide transition sessions to make sure that the adopters know how to help Biscuit be successful and how to reinforce the techniques that have proven successful.  They would also be available for telephone consultations for as long as necessary for the adopters to be comfortable with the training approaches.

How would you meet Biscuit?

If you are interested in learning more about Biscuit, please fill out the form below.  We will provide you with all the information we have, ask you lots of questions and if appropriate we can connect you to the trainer.  Biscuit is currently at a training facility in the Barrie area and we believe that to see his full potential you may need to meet him on two or three different occasions.

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