3 Benefits of Spaying/Neutering your Pets

Dogs with cone collars

Overpopulation of cats and dogs is becoming a big problem not just in North America, but around the world. When abandoned or left alone to roam, reproduction is inevitable. According to the Ontario SPCA, “Thousands of healthy cats and dogs are euthanized annually due to the number of stray, abandoned, and unwanted companion animals. Here are three benefits of spaying or neutering your pets:

  1. They will live longer and healthier

Spaying or neutering your pet will decrease their chance of cancer and other infections difficult or expensive to treat.

  1. It will help your community

Millions of dollars are spent each year controlling unwanted animals. Not only will it decrease the number of strays, it will also decrease the number of potential dog bites, automobile accidents, or damage to property.

  1. It will help with aggression

Reduce or eliminate stress and irritability and other annoying behaviours such as mounting or spraying.

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