We’re Looking for a Cat Team Manager

We are looking for a Cat Team Manager to oversee our cat shelter and volunteers. If you are interested in applying for this volunteer position, email your letter of intent and resume to pr@etobicokehumanesociety.com.


Cat Team Manager

With our shelter growing substantially since our move to a larger facility, the Cat Team Manager is responsible for managing and supervising the operation of the cat shelter and volunteers on the team. The Cat Team Manager will undertake the role of establishing procedures, supervising operations and reporting directly to the Board of Directors on major decisions, financials and operational reports.

Animal Manager Responsibilities:


  • Manage and supervise cat shelter operations and volunteers, including coordinators
  • Design, update and implement cat team procedures
  • Manage and maintain financial records
  • Coordinate with and support Dog Team and Office Manager
  • Report monthly to the Board of Directors
  • Implement adoption, surrender and cat care tracking system
  • Evaluate and recommend improvements and adjustments for EHS policy and procedures
  • Coordinate with Director of Operations for maintenance of cat shelter
  • Coordinate any fundraising initiatives or donations through the Fundraising Committee
  • Report to the Board of Directors for approval on costs outside standard care, appointment of new coordinators and potential changes to policy

Animal Care:

  • Oversee animal custodial and remedial care, admissions and adoptions
  • Supervise incoming animals (including surrenders) and responsible for final adoption approval
  • Ensure safety, sanitation and upkeep of the shelter
  • Liaise with veterinarians , oversee vet appointments and report additional expenses to the Board of Directors for approval
  • Oversee inventory and coordinate with the Board to order supplies, food and equipment ensuring the appropriate quantities are on hand at all times


  • Responsible for overseeing recruitment, supervision and discipline of volunteers
  • Provide volunteer training on policies, procedures and animal care
  • Prepare volunteer schedules
  • Address volunteer concerns in coordination with complaints coordinator
  • Report to the Board on all training initiatives
  • Coach and counsel volunteers when appropriate
  • Maintain updated list of volunteer contact information


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