Top 5 Tips For Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming


It is important to brush your cat’s entire body, but this is not always easy especially in those tricky spots behind the arms and under the back legs. For cats that don’t like to be brushed, splitting it up into different sections each day will help you get better results. Although this might take longer, it will be easier for your cat and ultimately give you the same result. Here are five grooming tips to help keep your cat clean and happy:

  1. It’s never too early to start brushing. As soon as a bond is formed, gradually increase brushing times and try to brush at least a few times a week
  2. Create a calm atmosphere; setting the right tone can help your cat relax, and learn to like the special time with you
  3. Check your cats ears on a regular basis, the skin inside should always be a pale pink colour – signs of infection (foul odour, redness, brown skin, and unusual discharge) can lead to hearing loss
  4. Remember pets can get cavities too – keep your cat’s gums and teeth healthy by brushing regularly
  5. Remember to reward good behavior. After successfully brushing your cat, providing them with treats will help them associate brushing as a positive experience

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