Meet Nugget


Hi, my name is Nugget.

I have had quite a rough stretch in my life. I had a family and a home; I was the king of the castle, but my reign was cut short. In the blink of an eye, I lost all the luxuries I had known. All I loved and cherished disappeared I was surrendered and found myself at EHS.

I did not cope well with this transition. Who would? From having comforts, to being surrounded by other cats and iron gates. Sure, the people are caring and gentle; but dogs bark incessantly, and doors are not always open. Worst of all, I see other cats come and go, yet I stay, like a pretty flower no one will touch…

There are times I really enjoyed myself. Getting pets, chasing strings, pawing at toys. And I really love a ball. So much fun! Usually I’ll swat at it and chase it, but I also know how to bring it back to that lucky person who threw it. Fetching they call it, and I’m smart enough to do it!

I had a nemesis – Luffy, the big orange bully. I like to think I’m a dominant male. But let’s face the facts: I am beautiful and gentle and by no means a brute. I like to think I’m a ladies man, a playboy if you will. Heck, I love spending my time with girls with all different coats and meows! Who could resist? Luffy was the opposite – a street tough who could sense my soft nature. He picked on me constantly, pawing through the grill on kennel and even pulling my food bowl. The more I protested with proud meows (behind closed doors of course), the more he instigated.

Well, let me tell you, one afternoon is etched into my memory (I try to forget but it is so darn vivid!). I was strolling around the corridor, enjoying my time out. Stretching my legs. Gazing at the sights. Out of nowhere, Luffy came bounding toward me. I wanted to stand up to him and hold my ground. I really, really did. But my mind did not control my legs. Scraping and sliding, nearly falling, I found myself scampering back into the relative safety of my kennel. He just stood at the door, his giant orange face eclipsing all. That’s when I realized that my mind was not only not controlling my legs but… it wasn’t controlling my bladder either. There, I said it. I’m not proud, but heck, I’m honest.

That was the lowest moment, let me assure you. I’m not a fighter and I try to pose as one to impress the ladies. But push come to shove, I like to avoid a paw fight. Even Charlie, that adolescent who had just hit puberty, sent me running (he was orange, probably some distant cousin of Luffy….). no fight, no harm, only my phobia of orange being accentuated.

I left the shelter and I thought I had found a family. All seemed good, but they decided they no longer wanted me. The reasons baffled me and many others but, alas, I found myself back at the shelter.

To this day, I sit here and watch others leave. I can say that Luffy is gone, so I can actually close my eyes without the fear of the orange apparition. Even in those moments of tranquility, I dream of love. Of family.

My beautiful blue eyes don’t seem to be enough. I even try to stand at my door and poke my paw through to shake a hand and say hello. I’m playful and warm and enjoy attention. I don’t want to lose hope. I want to love and be appreciated. I want to be cared for and I want to care for someone…

Will you be the one?


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