Long-term Fosters Needed for Finn and Adele

Written by Becca Gordon


Below Finn waits patiently at the vet for his latest check-up.

He’s doing well and getting around like a champ. You may recall that due to an old injury that healed improperly we were advised Finn’s leg might need to be amputated. After seeking the opinion of a specialist it was determined Finn could keep his leg as he is quite mobile and it does not appear to give him much trouble.


He greeted everyone he met today with leg rubs and was very well behaved. He accepted many pets and had no issues being picked up. Although we are aware he doesn’t like to be confined he did well and only let out one or two mournful cries on the car ride.

This leads us to believe he is no longer tolerant of the shelter environment. In the past few weeks, he’s been cranky and become overstimulated quickly. When he is removed from that environment he’s a sweet, affectionate, curious boy.

We are seeking a long-term foster for Finn. This would have to be a home with no other cats.

If this is something you would be interested in please fill out the online Cat Foster Form or share Finn with your networks. We will provide all food and supplies, and will cover all vet expenses.



Adele is a beautiful 1.5 year old mama cat who was found abandoned with her baby kittens in a vacant barn in Beamsville. We suspect she originally came from a home, because even though she is timid and shy around people, she is also quite gentle and can be pet. She loves to lounge on the cat tree and watch “cat tv” out the window. She is also a voracious eater (likely a habit picked up from not knowing when her next meal would be after she was abandoned outside).


Sadly, when we snap tested her at intake, we discovered that she is FeLV (feline leukemia virus) positive. As a result, she needs a long term foster home with no other cats, and a person or family who would be willing to love and care for her until she is adopted. FeLV is not transmittable to humans or other species of animals, only cats. The prognosis for FeLV is variable, and some cats can fight off the virus, while those who do not tend to have short life spans. Right now, Adele is healthy and not on any medication.

Adele was an excellent mama who cared for her babies under terrible conditions, and now it’s time for someone to take care of her and show her what it means to be loved. If you are interested in providing a long term foster home for this beautiful girl, please fill out our online Cat Foster Form.

We will provide all food and supplies, and will cover all vet expenses. If you cannot foster right now, please share this and tag your friends/family/coworkers who might be a good fit.

Please note we are specifically looking for a foster with no other cats, and access to a vehicle to take her to our vet in north Etobicoke for vet visits.

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