Happy Tail – Royal & Regal

happy tail 17 months in the making.  Royal and Regal are in their forever home.

happy tail royal & regal

They settled into their new home quickly – Royal with his bone and Regal starring out the window – Sorry they wouldn’t cooperate long enough for me to get a family photo!


















They have plenty of space, fresh air, fields to explore and ponds to swim in.

This has been an incredible journey, one that began on a construction site in Taiwan and ends in a quiet country home in Canada.

This is actually just the beginning for R&R.

This moment is bittersweet for all the volunteers who poured time, energy and their hearts into these dogs. The love of EHS volunteers truly made a difference in the lives of this husband and wife duo.

Thank you for all the support, love, shares, likes and encouragement you gave Royal, Regal and EHS during these past 17 months. We understand that the love they have for each other touched so many people.

Thank you to the volunteers who made it their mission to bring these two out of their shells. This journey was possible only through teamwork, love and patience.

We wish our couple the very best life in their new home and can’t wait to share updates and further happy tails.

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