Give a Home to a Shadow Cat

There are many types of personalities when it comes to animals. Some are quirky, quiet, frisky, friendly, sassy or subdued. Then meet our shadow cats.


Shadow cats are felines that haven’t had the opportunity to socialize with humans and, as a result, aren’t as comfortable with human interactions like a domesticated cat. They were born outdoors but need a loving family to provide them with their basic needs like shelter, food, water, patience and – when they are ready – affection.


Shadow cats like to hide when brought into a new home resulting in owners often seeing their “shadow” for the first little while. With time and patience, shadow cats come around giving their loyalty to a family member or another cat. They are not aggressive animals, but a bit more cautious than the average pet.


An ideal home for a shadow cat includes:

  • Quiet household
  • No small children
  • No aggressive animals
  • Someone with an “on the go” lifestyle

We currently have five shadow cats available for adoption to a good home: Bambi, Eden, Tara, Lexie and Sugar.


For more information on these cats, you can visit:


EHS is waiving the standard adoption fee in lieu of a donation. Those interested in adopting will be required to go through the adoption process.


For more information on how to adopt, or to set up an appointment to meet one of our five shadow cats,

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