Dog Illness


Similarly to what happens to humans, dogs’ health changes as they age. Sadly, time passes faster for our pet friends then it does for us.

Nevertheless, no matter how old your dog is, you have an essential part in helping prevent sickness and maintaining a good health for as long as possible. Don’t forget  your dog can’t let you know how they are feeling. So, being on guard regarding the signs and symptoms of the most common health problems is a good way to prevent your dog being seriously harmed by them. Here are the top 10 signs that imply your dog is sick:

  1. Excessive drooling or bad breath
  2. Too much water or too much urination
  3. Change of appetite, resulting in either gaining or losing
  4. Mood swings regarding activity, for instance, they are no longer interested in doing stuff they used to love
  5. Being stiff or having a hard time getting up or climbing up the staircase
  6. Excessive sleeping, laziness or other attitude and behavioral changes
  7. Sneezes, coughs, hard time breathing, too much panting
  8. Skin dryness or itching, lumps, sores, or head shaking
  9. Frequent diarrheic incidents or general change in bowel movement patterns
  10. Eye dryness, cloudy or red eyes

If you notice any of these symptoms, implying that your companion is sick, get in touch with your vet as soon as possible.

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