Call For Cat Foster Care Manager

Cat Foster Care Manager

EHS is seeking an enthusiastic, dynamic individual to fill the position of volunteer Cat Foster Care Manager. This demanding role will provide tremendous opportunities to learn and grow within a reputable animal care organization, and help EHS to save lives in the process.

EHS is a 100% volunteer run, no kill organisation that works to protect, care for, and advance the welfare of animals. We routinely rescue cats from local kill shelters where they are at risk of being euthanized for space or temperament. The EHS foster care program is a key pillar of the organization, and directly impacts the number of cats we can save at any given time.

The ideal candidate will be a dedicated individual with a demonstrated passion for animals, and management/supervisory experience. The time commitment for this role will vary, and will depend in large part on the team that the Foster Care Manager recruits, trains, and oversees.  A candidate with ample free time and flexibility in their schedule would be ideal.

Job Description:

Assume responsibility for the coordination, planning, scheduling, and supervision of care for all EHS foster cats.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Schedules and directs the placement and care of all foster cats so as to provide for their health and the potential for adoption.
  • Works directly with partner veterinarians, hospitals and clinics to manage the health and well being of EHS foster cats.
  • Works with shelter management staff to create and implement various animal care protocol and procedures.
  • Manages and establishes a standard of care for the foster care program. Provides input in to cat team budgeting processes.
  • Works with and provides guidance to foster care coordinators in their day to day work to ensure the health and well being of the cats in foster care.
  • Provides on call support to respond to foster care emergencies on an as needed basis.
  • Works with and provides guidance to the foster parent coordinator to ensure the maintenance and continued growth of the foster parent community.
  • Establishes and maintains an appropriate information management tool/system to ensure the appropriate related management of information as it pertains to animal care and foster parent management.
  • Recruits and trains foster care team members (foster care coordinators, foster parent coordinators).
  • Promotes a humane and caring attitude toward all animals and treating all animals with respect and compassion at all times.


  • Management/supervisory experience – 2 years
  • Animal care experience preferred but not required


Please email Aris Gyamfi at to learn more about the position and to apply.

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