Scarborough Hoarding – 1 Year Update

Written by Becca Gordon One year ago today, volunteers from Etobicoke Humane Society coordinated the rescue of more than 70 cats and kittens from a small apartment on the other side of the city. We refer to it as the Scarborough Hoarding event. While hoarding situations are nothing new for us, this turned out to be a particularly large undertaking. […]

UPDATE: June 25/2018 A long-term foster had been found for Ben.  Thank you to everyone who came forward or who shared his story. ___________________________________________ Written by Aris Gyamfi – Cat Senior Manager Hi everyone, If you’ve been following our website and social media, you may have heard of an EHS cat named Ben, whom you’ve never met. Ben is a […]

Hiring! Volunteer HR Manager

Would you like to volunteer your organizational and leadership skills to help us find forever homes for homeless dogs and cats? The Etobicoke Humane Society (EHS) is an independent, all-volunteer, organization with a mission to protect, care for and advance the welfare of animals. We have a fantastic team of volunteers and we continue to grow. 2017 was another record […]

National Puppy Day

It is one of the cutest days of the year – let the #NationalPuppyDay celebrations begin! So, today, consider what you might be able to do for dogs. Take your dog for an extra-long walk or consider adopting, volunteering or donating to an animal shelter in your community. These are all ways that you can give back to these amazing creatures […]

Declawing Cats: What You Need To Know

Nova Scotia has just become the first Canadian province to ban declawing! Many people are unaware that declawing a cat is actually an amputation of the cat’s full or partial toes. To put it into human perspective, it is the equivalent of removing a finger at the first knuckle. It is a practice that was quite common in the past, […]

Happy Tail – Royal & Regal

A happy tail 17 months in the making.  Royal and Regal are in their forever home.                                   They have plenty of space, fresh air, fields to explore and ponds to swim in. This has been an incredible journey, one that began on a construction site in […]

Spaying & Neutering Your Pets

Written by Becca Gordon Benefits of Spaying & Neutering Did you know that spaying and neutering pets prevents and reduces a number of serious and expensive health problems? This includes uterine, ovarian and breast cancer in female cats and dogs. Neutered males also have a reduced chance of prostate cancer. The spaying and neutering of cats and dogs often prevents […]

Minerva’s Heart

Written by Becca Gordon UPDATE: April 5/2018 The surgery was approximately two hours in length and went well. Though a very delicate procedure there were no complications. While they are still monitoring her recovery the riskiest part is behind Minerva. A special thank you to the amazing cardiology team at Ontario Veterinary College who operated on possibly their smallest patient for this […]

Getting to Know Royal and Regal

By Kristiana Dean For those that don’t know Royal and Regal they are shy, suspicious of strangers and bark to ward people off. For those that do know them, they are complete hams! These two are my Dog Buddies, I’ve known them since they came into the shelter. I’m “one of the pack” with the other volunteers and they play […]

Cupcake Sale Day

Buy a cupcake, save a cutie! Please join us at the shelter, Humber Bay Pet Valu or Ren’s Pet Depot on Saturday, February 24th for some sweet treats in support of EHS. $3/cupcake – all proceeds will go directly towards the animals in our care. Cupcakes will be baked by volunteers, as well as donated by the following bakeries: Two […]

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