Adele’s Kittens

All Wrapped Up & Ready For a Foster or Adopter!

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Photo credit: Melanie Krug

This Holiday season, Skylar, Daphne and Laylah are wishing only for a home of their own! These adorable, 8 month old kittens are a special trio, found abandoned on a rural property at 7 weeks. Barely surviving on their own, they were rescued with their mom, Adele, and immediately went into foster care for some no-holds-barred, TLC. But now, their foster is no longer able to care for them and they urgently need to find new homes. They are looking for a very special someone. Although we would dearly love to see these kittens be adopted to their forever homes, they soon need to be moved. So, we are inviting interest from both adopters and fosters.


Skylar is a very social kitten who has serious FOMO and loves being at the centre of attention. If you’re not sure where she is, just start petting one of her sisters; she’ll probably hear them purring and come running. She’s a chatty girl, who likes a good discussion with her person, and gets vocally concerned when she’s not in the same room as another animal or human.

…Unless she’s busy burrowing. She l-o-v-e-s burrowing. If you haven’t seen her for a while, there’s a good chance she’s crawled under that blanket on your bed and fallen asleep. You see that lump in the blankets? Yeah, that’s probably Skylar.

Skylar loves to play and one of her perennial favourites is the foam ball. Throw it for her, and she’ll go tearing after it. Is she secretly part dog? Perhaps. She also loves bathing her sisters. If they aren’t busy napping, her favourite thing is to combine bathing and wrestling so that the activity is half cleaning, half play. Skylar is a master multi-tasker!

She’s easy to give medication to. When she needed antibiotics, she learned to recognize the sound of the foil packet and would come running. She’d happily eat her pill out of the hand of whoever was giving her the dose…and sometimes got so excited about it that she licked the pill into her cone in her enthusiasm!

Skylar’s best case scenario is to be adopted or fostered with at least one of her sisters, as that is definitely Skylar’s comfort zone. She and Daphne seem to be particularly close and we would love to see them kept together.


Daphne isn’t really a lap cat, but loves to curl up beside someone and be petted. While she isn’t particularly scared of strangers, she isn’t a big people person either. When she wants attention, she’ll come to you…and you will feel Chosen. (She has probably the softest fur that you’ve ever touched.)

Daphne is a real kitten’s kitten. She loves any toy that she can chase—especially if she can get some good jumps in! Her latest favourite is the laser pointer. In her more contemplative moments, she loves looking at computer screens. Maybe she thinks that the moving things on them are toys? However, such are the mysteries of the cat mind that we can’t really be sure what she’s thinking. Is she developing a superior computer programme? Or, wondering why the heck you’re staring at a screen when you could be playing with her, instead?

Daphne has one quirk: She likes to go into the bathroom right after someone has showered. We’re not sure if it’s the steam she likes (excellent for the complexion!) or the opportunity to drink out of the bathtub, or both. Aha! Maybe that’s the secret to her superior fur coat!

Daphne and Skylar are very close and spend a lot of time cuddling with each other, so we’d love to see them stay together.


Laylah is very affectionate, although she won’t always ask for attention if there are other catsaround (unlike Skylar). But pet her…and she’s pretty much guaranteed to start purring! She loves one-on-one time with her humans and has, probably, the second softest fur you’ve ever touched!

She’s the most reasonable and easy-going of the the sisters and was the easiest to take care of, post-spay.

Laylah is genteel and has impeccable manners. When her fosters dish out the cats’ food, she sits up on her hind legs and gives little mews, like she’s trying to say “please!”

While in foster care, this whole lovely family tested positive for FeLV (Feline Leukemia virus). FeLV is a type of immune deficiency. It poses no risk to humans or other species of animals. The life expectancy of cats with FeLV is uncertain, although we have a 6 year old FeLV/FIV positive cat named Ben who has been with EHS for almost two years and is perfectly healthy. In fact, Ben has become such an important part of his foster family that they gifted themselves, this Christmas…by adopting him! So, how do you best manage the virus? By keeping cats indoors, in a stress-free, calm home, with good nutrition and twice a year regular Vet check ups.

These kittens’ mom, Adele, is also healthy and thriving in foster.

If you’d like to provide a home for these girls but can’t commit to adopting, perhaps you’d consider fostering one, two, or all three of these sweet kittens.

Requirements for a long-term foster parent include:

  1. Has a vehicle
  2. Can transport cats to vet appointments (Our vets are located in Etobicoke)
  3. Has no other pets

EHS will provide all food and supplies, vet care, and personalized support, during the foster period.

To Foster: Fill out the application on our website: Foster Form

To Aopt: Fill out the application on our website: Adoption Form

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