A Rescue Tail

Friends Gizem and Sara are volunteers at Etobicoke Humane Society. They understand the value of life and what it means for an animal to be mistreated, abandoned or abused.

Gizem was spending time at her uncle’s farm and came across a malnourished and lethargic kitten covered in mud and bleeding from her tail. The kitten was very small and could barely move or breathe.

She asked her uncles’ neighbours, the people who owned the nearby farm if they knew where the kitten came from. In fact they did know, as they breed cats. The kitten was a dilute Calico, which as it happens is “unlucky” according to them. As such, they were “letting nature take its course. They had no intention of feeding the kitten or taking care of her as they had left her outside to die. Since she was found wandering, bloody and muddy between farms Sara asked Gizem to bring the kitten back to Toronto with her so she could help the kitten and find her a new home.

Part of the kitten’s tail, which was severed, needed some wound care. She was severely malnourished and dehydrated therefore she needed a lot of medical care. It took about three-four weeks before Sara was certain she was going to make it. As she volunteers at Kipling Animal Hospital she had the help of Dr. White and the vet techs. With the help of this incredible team of people the kitten, Kiwi, started to slowly heal.

Sara then contacted the EHS coordinator in charge of surrenders/rescues who quickly responded and was more than willing to help the kitten find a forever home. As Kiwi (Sara’s name for the little female kitten) was too young to enter the shelter a foster home was found for her. Once in EHS’ care Kiwi became Tiffany and she was well on her way to a forever family.

Eventually, Tiffany entered the shelter and was adopted the very same day. She is now 9-months-old and named Ella. She is happy, healthy and safe.


Ella Then


Ella Now

It is because of awesome people like Sara and Gizem that animals abused or disposed of have a second chance at life.

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