68 Cats- All In A Days Work! Well…Sort Of

When EHS heard about an elderly couple being evicted from their apartment and seeking refuge for their pets, we reached out through the media to help. When the couple contacted us, we really had no idea how many animals needed rehoming – early estimates suggested 28 or so cats and we were determined to leave no animal behind. After the couple’s initial surrender of three cats, Bosco, Rudy and Jilly, as well as six kittens, to one of our generous volunteers/fosters, and with TAS and the OSPCA already involved, four more of our many wonderful volunteers set out to rescue those remaining cats, that Saturday morning.

It wasn’t easy, but by the end of that Saturday, our four volunteers had rescued 65 cats (including 8 kittens). They weren’t finished yet though and returned on Sunday to find 3 more cats hiding in various places in the apartment – no one can hide better than a cat!

As you can imagine, many of these cats were in desperate need of medical attention. Issues ranged from eye, ear and upper respiratory infections to a fractured leg in the initial assessments alone. Many of the female cats were pregnant.

All are exceptionally affectionate! All are in need of our attention now, and soon, in their forever homes!

So, began an incredible rescue effort! EHS volunteers were relentless in their desire to well manage the future of these sweet souls – preparing foster kits for the generous people taking in these cats and kittens temporarily, lining up vet appointments and pitching in to ensure all cats and kittens quickly received initial assessments and appropriate, immediate care. Although their journey to good health was just beginning, EHS volunteers made short work of setting a positive course for them.

Behind the scenes, phone calls and emails were being sent to other no-kill rescue organizations for support. Two organizations – Burlington Humane Society and Ninth Life Cat Rescue answered the call and with our support have taken 29 of these 68 cats and kittens in. At the same time, generous volunteers and donors were making their way into EHS with gifts of time, kitten food, kitty litter and other needed supplies.  The Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation, having read about our efforts on social media, immediately reached out to lend a helping hand – two hands really – very caring and generous hands thankfully. We are so appreciative of all the kind support received through our fosters, volunteers, and donor community.  

These special cats now have a new lease on life – a second, or possibly third, chance at a loving forever home. We will make sure they find the right home this time.

68 cats and kittens – all in a day’s work! Not really…but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The collaborative efforts of so many for a common cause will leave an indelible imprint on the lives of these cats and kittens and all those who have been and will be blessed to cross paths with them.

Many, many thanks to all those who have supported us in this effort. We could not have done it without you!

All cats will require on-going medical care to clear up existing infections as well as serious medical issues such as removal of ear canals etc. If you can please donate https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/etobicokehumanesociety/Cat-Hoarding-Appeal/

Pictured below: Initially named Dana and Emma. After initial vet assessment, renamed Dana and Eric. Two of the many sweet souls rescued from the recent cat hoarding situation.





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