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Despite incredible hardship, illness and years of abuse, Phoenix’s spirit remains unbroken. She has love and joy for everyone she meets. We can’t imagine the misery she has suffered being used for breeding, but what we can imagine is the long list of issues she’s facing after a lifetime of neglect.

When her foster Mom first met Phoenix, her face and genitals were swollen. She was covered in fleas, her ears were infected and she had scratched all the fur from them. Her corneas are scratched, she has glaucoma and cataracts. Recently, she lost what little eyesight she had left and has been bumping into things. Her foster Mom says this loss has been hard for Phoenix to deal with. 

She has spondylitis which is an inflammation of the vertebral column. Her hind legs are in constant pain and have scars where the fur won’t grow back. She has growths in her mouth that make it very difficult to eat. She swallows most food whole since she can’t chew without causing pain. She also has recurring bladder infections which require antibiotics.

Despite everything she’s endured, Phoenix’s daily life in foster care is as good as any other dog’s – full of love, playtime, walks and more love. The difference is she is on at least seven different medications just to make her comfortable.

EHS is concentrating on providing ongoing medical care to make what time she does have left the best of her life.


Phoenix rises early to wake her foster Mom. They play chase in the backyard before breakfast. At the morning meal Phoenix gets three different types of drops in each eye (again later in the day as well). She then gets ear drops and an ointment on her toes after her foot bath. Anti-itch medication is given at this time and antibiotics.

After an eventful morning of chasing and medications Phoenix has a rest on her couch in her room where she takes her duvet and works it into the perfect nest. Sometimes she and her foster Mom play fight on the couch.

At lunch time someone comes over to give Phoenix a walk. Although she is blind Phoenix loves walks and sniffs EVERYTHING. If she knows she’s getting a walk she she hops, jumps and twirls around like a puppy then runs to find her leash.

She has such spirit and brings joy to her foster family. Her foster Mom describes her as having a sweetness and innocence to her. Despite all she has gone through and all she continues to endure she has love, joy and happiness to give and receive.

Understandably she is very attached to her foster family and suffers separation anxiety when they are not home. She has been destructive at times and will bark non-stop so much so the neighbours can hear. The foster family has tried many things to prevent her from feeling this anxiety. People visit her throughout the day, try to play with her as much as possible but what she wants most of all is to be around people.

Phoenix is loved and for whatever time she has left she is cared for. EHS needs your help to ensure that everyday is filled with joy for this blind, senior boxer. Help give Phoenix the care she deserves. We need your help. Any amount given, $5, $10, $100, goes directly to Phoenix’s care. Donate online at…/etobicokehumanesociety/Phoen…/

This campaign ends on March 20th. So please act now to make a difference in the life of a dog with a big heart!

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