20+ Year Commitment



When you decide to take that first step and bring a cat or dog into your home, the first thing that you should know – without a shadow of a doubt – is that you are prepared to love, feed and take care of all the needs for that cat or dog for the next 20 years or more.  Animals are not disposable and should not be treated as such.



Meet Dahlia. This sweet girl was found outside in a puddle by a volunteer of EHS who was out walking her dog.  Dahlia was brought to one of our vets for assessment and even one our of seasoned co-ordinators could not believe how affectionate she was.  When she ran her hand down her back, all you could feel was her spine.  Dahlia has been previously spayed and she is approximately 12 years old which classifies her as a senior.  Being a senior can sometimes come with its own medical concerns even without all of the unimaginable things that Dahlia has recently gone through.  It is obvious that Dahlia had a loving family at one point and probably for the majority of her life.  Unfortunately it appears that her family simply gave up on her.  Dahlia was not used to living outdoors and she had no idea how to find food.  The fact that she was found lying in a puddle seems to indicate that she was close to giving up.  

After only a few days in foster, Dahlia has begun to show how strong she is and her willingness to survive.  Dahlia has a long way to go.  Initial bloodwork has revealed that she is fighting an infection and there may also be some underlying medical issues. Due to her severe malnourishment, our first steps are to get her to eat properly without her having diarrhea.  Once she has stabilized a bit more, we will begin additional testing to see if there are any underlying issues that need to be treated.  The volunteers of EHS will not give up on Dahlia!


(Smokey is no longer up for adoption)

Meet Smokey.  After completing her shift at the Etobicoke Humane Society, one of our volunteers decided to get something to eat at a local restaurant.  While eating, she looked out the window and saw Smokey being thrown out of a car window.  She ran outside to see if he was okay but a passing truck scared him and he ran to a nearby autobody shop.  Despite daily attempts to try and catch Smokey, he was too leery of people.  Who could blame him after what had happened to him.  The volunteer’s brother happened to work at the autobody shop and he saw Smokey being chased by teenagers here were throwing rocks and sticks at him.  At this point Smokey ran inside the autobody shop and he was able to be caught.  

Smokey was taken to one of our vets who determined that Smokey was approximately 1½ years old and was neutered.  His teeth are in excellent condition and he is a definite chatterbox.  

It is unfathomable why someone would take in an animal and when they decided that they didn’t want him anymore for whatever reason — they would throw him out of a moving vehicle!

Think long and hard before getting an animal – be it a cat, dog, hamster, snake or any creature !  The animals rely on you for their entire lives – not just for the short term.

The Etobicoke Humane Society is a non-profit, all-volunteer run organization and we rely on donations and our fundraising events to help animals like Dalhia.  She has a long road to go but we will give her the best fighting chance.  If you would like to donate to help with Dahlia’s care, please go to:   https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/etobicokehumanesociety/medicalproceduresforEHScats/


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