Urgent need for dog care volunteers

Hello dog lovers! We are in urgent need of dedicated volunteers to help with dog care at our shelter. Dog care volunteers will typically assist with some of the following tasks relating to dogs: feeding, walking, playing, giving affection, cleaning of food/water dishes, sweeping and practice of positive reinforcement (reward with praise and treat for good behaviour). Times Shifts are […]

EHS and Scotiabank Go To the Dogs

At the Taste of the Kingsway, Scotiabank hosted the annual dog show with proceeds donated to EHS. Our EHS judges picked three winners from each of the 10 categories and watched as great canine characters strutted their stuff. Scotiabank presented EHS with a check for $5,000. We extend our sincerest appreciation to all the Scotiabank staff and a huge thank you […]


EHS is comprised entirely of volunteers. Volunteering is a rewarding experience and a great way to help out in your community.We have a variety of volunteer needs and are currently looking for some dedicated individuals to help out. We are in need of:   1)    Office Volunteers: to answer phones, do some filing, general reception, assisting with questions from the […]


ETOBICOKE (March 20, 2012) – The Etobicoke Humane Society (EHS) – now over 25 years old and still an all-volunteer charity – has announced that it will soon be moving to a new location at 67 Six Point Road in Etobicoke. While the exact moving date has not been set, EHS expects the new facility to be operational in May for cats, dogs, small caged […]

Thank you to Nestlé Purina for their recent donation of six pallets of cat food and one pallet of dog food and to Loblaw Companies Limited for their recent donation of 240 cans of cat food. As EHS operates entirely from donations and our own fund-raising efforts, we greatly appreciate the support we receive from our community.  

Meg was surrendered to EHS several months ago. At her previous home, she was kept in the basement with no attention for two years. When she came to us, she did not socialize with any of the cats or for the most part – people. Foster mom Emily has taken her in, and as the pictures below show, Meg is looking […]

Paws Talk Episode 7

Matthew Johnson of Waggz and Whiskerz with EHS Shelter Manager Pia on Paws Talk.


FELINE IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS (FIV)   Note: The following information has been reviewed and approved by the Cornell Feline Health Centre at the College of Veterinary Medicine. It includes compatible information from the Cornell Feline Health Centre, the University of Guelph Small Animal Hospital and the American Association of Feline Practitioners. The Etobicoke Humane Society (EHS) does not – as an […]

  Important Note: The Etobicoke Humane Society does NOT euthanize any animal due to lack of space, taking in only those animals for which we have shelter and/or foster space.   In 2008:    (Most recent study stats from Cdn. Fed. Of Humane Societies: http://cfhs.ca/athome/shelter_animal_statistics/)   220,000 cats and dogs entered shelters. CATS out-numbered dogs two to one.   80,000 […]

Each year in Canada, approximately 80,000 cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters. That is almost half of all animals admitted to shelters. The number of cats euthanized is almost three times that of dogs. Across North America, almost a half millions cats and dogs are euthanized. Many thousands more die lonely, painful deaths outside. Many are family pets that […]

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